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Custom Grfxxs

custom graphics

Custom Graphics
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Welcome =)
Welcome to custom_grfxxs This is a place where you can create and request icons, headers, fo banners, blinkies, ect.

Right now we are NOT limiting the number of request you may make! This is for a SHORT TIME!! So act now!!!

Also, make sure to join and check out the entries for how you could get a $10 LJ Coupon + MORE!!

I'm really excited about all the talented people we have here! More are ALWAYS welcomed.
  • All entries MUST be friends only or they will be deleted!!
  • You must credit everything that you recive from this community. Please don't steal something. If you do, we will ban you. If you aren't sure on how to credit an icon go here.
  • If you take something, comment on the post. This is a good way to let the makers know that they did a good job and to keep track of who is useing what.
  • For the time being, only three request per person per week. This isn't to much to ask! I don't want the makers to be swamped with request to where we have to close the community. If you are caughts requesting more then three in one week or useing another journal to request you will be warned the first time and then banned the second time!
  • There is ABSOLUTELY no hotlinking!. It's just not right to steal someones bandwith. Esp when that person spent time making you something for free! 1st time: warned. 2nd time: baned.
  • Use lj-cuts for photos in your request and long entries. That link shows you how to do it.
  • Don't promote. If you have a graphic related community, just let us know and we can swap links! But don't post about it in the community. We will edit out any promotions.
  • Don't cross-post your request. The makers spend time doing your request and that time shouldn't be wasted because you can't wait for them to finish.
  • DO NOT bother the makers about your icons, they will finish when they can.
  • After your graphic is posted by the maker, comment to let them know that you picked it up. The entry will be deleted after one week.
  • After requesting, you must link the community in your info page. Either a stander link (custom_grfxxs) or a button link. This is another 1st time: warning 2nd time: ban rule!
  • If you want to request a certain maker to fill your request, make sure you pust the makers username in the subject line!!


    Use this for when requesting a graphic. Please be as detailed as possiable. Only one graphic at a time and only three graphics per week per person! You MUST post an entry for a request!DO NOT post a request as a comment.

    1. What type of graphic do you want?:
    2. Size:
    3. Colors:
    4. Fonts:
    5. What do you want it to say?:
    6. Animation?:
    7. Photo(s):
    8. Anything else?:



    jasmine_designs // icon_goddess
    killprettyx // icon_addict
    Want to be an affiliate? Just comment!

  • i<3molly.

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